Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This is what's next.....

I really want to make up some sets of these next - Felt Magnets

Here's the pictures:

The girl that did these for Creative Cafe is awesome - Linda Albrecht - go check out her blog - she makes some amazing things for Creative Cafe and Basic Grey - probably a few other places, too. She does great vintagy looking things that just amaze me and I wish I could make things like that! I posted a cupcake I made a while back on my blog and I got the tutorial from her. So not only does she make great stuff, sometimes she tells you how she did it!! So, go check her out.

Anyway - just wanted to give you a peek at what I wanted to make next. First I thought they would be super cute magnets. I'm giving my fridge a make over right now - adding some clipboards to the side (one for school related stuff, one for things that we commonly lose - prescriptions and rebates and stuff like that, then one last one that is still empty - not sure what I'm going to do with it - any suggestions?), a place to stick sticky notes (but i don't have the sticky notes yet) some magnets that are cute just to hold stuff up there that doesn't belong on a clipboard, then I have the cute Creative Cafe scalloped clipboard holding special coupons I don't want to lose. I cut a giant T out of a magnet sheet and covered it in paper to match the other things on the fridge. Oh I found a cute round cork board, about four inches wide with some cute tacks to hold a few things up. And lastly I have a big clipboard that hold 12x12 layouts and I have a layout posted that I really love! So I said all that to say I want to make some more cute magnets to stick on there that will actually hold larger stuff up (the ones I've made so far, aren't real heavy duty).

Then I thought they would be cute to use just as an embellishment on a page, a card, a gift tag - so several extras would be cute to keep around in my own stash. The round ones would be super cute for a hair clip or on a headband. I may think about that, too!!

So stick around and see how I can make these myself with my stash. Don't forget you can also click on the link in the last post and shop for Creative Cafe stuff online!


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Kim's Treasures said...

I love these!!! I've been wanting to make some! Too cute!

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