Friday, June 19, 2009

Remember I posted forever ago about those little Creative Cafe magnets that were so cute? Well, I used that idea and came up with this instead:

I made two and am using them on the bottom of two of my pennants for my banner I'm making for a baby shower. I just traced a circle on the back of the red and white felt and cut it out with my pinking shears. Then I cut out another piece of black felt with regular scissors. I took red and white gingham from the last Scripts Kit and cut it into skinny strips and gathered the strip up into a flower of sorts. Then topped it off with a button and stitched the whole thing together. I felt like they were a bit heavy for the paper and regular adhesive, so I stapled them on to make sure they don't fall off.

The baby's room is going to be all Raggedy Ann with vintage touches - so I thought the gingham was perfect. The baby shower is going to have the same theme - so the banner can hang up on the wall for the shower and then be moved to the baby's room after. I'm also working on a diaper cake this weekend to match and will post it when I'm done - I'm using the same felt flowers on it - all inspired by this post!!


Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My album is done!

Okay - my album is done. You can look back here to see the original post about this.

This is the album I made out of my Dollar Tree find. I've decided to use it to document our summer. It'll be more journaling than pictures - but that's okay - I'm sure I'll have plenty to write about and it'll be fun to look back on it later and see all the fun things we did.

So check it out:

The front of my Dollar Tree album:

A side view - I added my own tabs by punching circles and placing them on each side of one piece of the paper and stapling into place:

This notebook had a little calendar in the front, too:

And the back: I hate peeling off the price tags and being left with that sticky spot - so I covered the tag with more tags and plan to just put our names and the date in those spots:

So - there you have it. It's all done! I'm heading to the next project now - those cute little felt magnets, but I'm not making magnets - I'm just making them as an embellishment for the next Baby Banner I'm making - reds, blues, white and creams and some vintage touches, for a Raggedy Ann Baby Shower!!

Thanks for looking,

Monday, June 8, 2009


I'm a slacker. I didn't get around to posting pictures last week, but I did get one of my albums finished and it's ready for summer journaling!

So, I'll be back later today with pics - or in the morning! hee hee

And those cute little magnets I posted - found a use for them - so that's coming up soon, too and they won't be magnets anymore!


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

This is what's next.....

I really want to make up some sets of these next - Felt Magnets

Here's the pictures:

The girl that did these for Creative Cafe is awesome - Linda Albrecht - go check out her blog - she makes some amazing things for Creative Cafe and Basic Grey - probably a few other places, too. She does great vintagy looking things that just amaze me and I wish I could make things like that! I posted a cupcake I made a while back on my blog and I got the tutorial from her. So not only does she make great stuff, sometimes she tells you how she did it!! So, go check her out.

Anyway - just wanted to give you a peek at what I wanted to make next. First I thought they would be super cute magnets. I'm giving my fridge a make over right now - adding some clipboards to the side (one for school related stuff, one for things that we commonly lose - prescriptions and rebates and stuff like that, then one last one that is still empty - not sure what I'm going to do with it - any suggestions?), a place to stick sticky notes (but i don't have the sticky notes yet) some magnets that are cute just to hold stuff up there that doesn't belong on a clipboard, then I have the cute Creative Cafe scalloped clipboard holding special coupons I don't want to lose. I cut a giant T out of a magnet sheet and covered it in paper to match the other things on the fridge. Oh I found a cute round cork board, about four inches wide with some cute tacks to hold a few things up. And lastly I have a big clipboard that hold 12x12 layouts and I have a layout posted that I really love! So I said all that to say I want to make some more cute magnets to stick on there that will actually hold larger stuff up (the ones I've made so far, aren't real heavy duty).

Then I thought they would be cute to use just as an embellishment on a page, a card, a gift tag - so several extras would be cute to keep around in my own stash. The round ones would be super cute for a hair clip or on a headband. I may think about that, too!!

So stick around and see how I can make these myself with my stash. Don't forget you can also click on the link in the last post and shop for Creative Cafe stuff online!


Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy June 1st

So, I've been collecting the things I want to work on this month. I've bookmarked about a million things - I think I'm shooting a bit too high! :) I can't do that many in one month. But I have started one and picked out a few that I was to do next. This first project is just for myself, not to stick in my gift stash, but the next few will be nice items to hold on to for a gift!

The first thing I'm working on is this: a mini album (this link will take you to the Recipe Card from Creative Cafe with directions for this specific album)

Here's a photo from the Creative Cafe Recipe Card:

If you attended the Scrap Etc. Event in 2008, you know that there was a class where we used this cute spiral notebook to make an album. The ideas that they shared with us were so cute - I was so excited about making my album after seeing theirs. Now I did go home and start it - the 'bones' of the book are done, but sadly, I never finished. The album I made is filled with things I wanted Cole to know - little things, big things - things he may need to read one day. Things I felt and things I wanted to share with him. So it's started, but not done.....

And I recently found a cute little journal at the Dollar Tree - it's similar to the one above, but no dividers, just lined paper. The cover is similar, but without the photo hole in the middle. So, not really the same, but it reminded me of this one. It's also much smaller. I decided to use it to document our summer. We aren't going anywhere big this summer, but I still hope to have a great time at home so I wanted a small place to document it all. Not necessarily all photos - but some places to write about what we did, where we went - just the memories of the summer.

So, my goal is to accomplish a bit more in the spiral notebook to Cole and then get going on the Summer Memories mini journal/album. I've got the cover done on the Summer Memories album, but need to do a bit more today - so I'm going to try to get it all finished up today, photograph it and post it here.

Now, if you are the kind of scrapper that just NEEDS to use the same supplies you can now shop Creative Cafe online here. But if you are like me, on a budget and covered in unused supplies - then just start digging around and see what you have that will work. You can always check out Dollar Tree, Big Lots, places like that - you may find something that you wouldn't normally grab, but with this project in mind - you just might find it's perfect.

I really love the set up of these Spiral Notebooks from Creative Cafe. I have one more I haven't used yet that I've just been hanging on to - waiting for the perfect project. I think the next Scrap Etc Event "Running with Scissors" may be just the thing to use it for.

See, the event is planned for October 9th and 10th, at the civic center downtown. The event coincides with the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. And several of the girls involved in the event are runners already and probably already planned to run in this 5K. They've managed to plan the event to occur the same weekend with 16 weeks between the run and the event registration - what does this mean? It means they'll help you train to get in shape to run a 5K. Now, I'm not a runner at all. I'm not really even a quick walker, but I'm going to try very hard!! Several girls have told me that I can do it - and I'm still not entirely sure, but I did google 'how long is a 5K' and got '3.1 miles' as the answer. So surely, I can at least WALK 3.1 miles, right? I'm going to start working toward this goal ASAP. It's hard for me to go walk around the neighborhood during the day - Cole can't walk as quickly as I would like, and I can't leave him in the house alone. So, I did discover that the track at the local elementary school runs around the playground - so we may be going there a few days a week and Cole can play while I get my exercise on!

So, what does all this randomness mean to you? Well, it means you can do it, too and if it's something you think you can't do - I challenge you to try. I'm going to turn my last spiral notebook into a cute little book to document my progress in my 'training'. I've also been tackling the weight loss issue, too lately. I'm back on my diet. I lost 50 pounds in 2007 and managed to put a few pounds back on - not many but enough to make me a little mad at myself - so I'm back on the Atkin's Diet. This is really the only thing that works for me. I lost 40 of the 50 pounds doing Atkin's so I'm committed to it again. So this journal will be a combination of things for me - documenting my training and my weight loss and how it's going. Lots of us have self considence issues and I'm planning on using this as a place to tackle those issues and work on myself as a whole.

So - I've taken this ONE idea from the above recipe card and the class from the event in 2008, and will be using it three different ways. So, do you want to join me? Do you want to make this fun project? I encourage you to use what you have first - that's what I'm all about right now. But if you want to scope out new stuff, by all means, do it!! If you do play along with me - link it up here in the comments. I'd love to see what you do. I'll get pictures posted later today or in the morning of my projects.

Thanks for checking me out here,