Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where has the time gone?

Hi there!! Wow - it's been a while. Since I've blogged last - there has been a wonderful Scrap Etc Event - Wishful Thinking, there's been lots of things happening - holidays, spring break, school's out - and then the store closed. Well, that doesn't mean we're not still out here creating and doing fun things!!

I thought I'd update the blog here and just start sharing fun Creative Cafe ideas with you. I know we can't all get the Creative Cafe supplies locally anymore, but the good news is we can still make their projects with other things we have on hand. I for one, have tons of product just sitting in my room waiting to be used. So, I'll pick a few Creative Cafe Recipes each month and try to make it with what I have on hand, and I'll share it with you here!!

So stay tuned - I'll start posting things in June!

Come back to see me!

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