Sunday, November 9, 2008

Two for Tuesday

Remember the month of layouts? Well, it starts Tuesday. Come by at 11 and spend $4 and make a New Years Day layout. You can use last years New Years pictures or you can get a head and have it ready for this years.

Just to give you something to think about - personally I am a 'everyday moment' kind of scrapper. I love scrapbooking the fun things my son does. I love being able to record the little special things in our lives. The little stuff is so big to us. I tend to forget to do the big holiday stuff. I don't have Halloween pictures from 2007 scrapped yet, not to mention this year's Halloween. I have a few layouts done from Christmas 2007, but I'm pretty sure 2006 didn't get finished. YIKES! No Easter layouts, either. I did manage a Valentine's layout - because it was a kit and all I had to do was assemble it according to the sketch. So easy.

Now my thinking behind the Month of Layouts was related to this. It would be great to have a chance to catch up those Holidays that I've neglected.

Maybe I'm not the only one out there that's behind. Surely, I'm not! So, here's the deal. We're going to squeeze in lots of layouts and get you all caught up for this year's big days. OR for those of you who have already done those holidays - and you're on top of the game - well, now you can get on top of the game for next year!! You'll have those layouts ready to go.

Here's another idea. You could assemble all of these layouts and have them ready to go into a cute 12 x 12 album and you have a Christmas gift ready to go. All your ift recipient would have to do is add their pictures. Easy Peazy!!

So - I hope you'll come and see us at 11 on Tuesday and bring $4 and make a really cute New Years layout!

So - what's the Two for Tuesday deal? I'm so glad you asked.

Tuesday, the kids are out of school for Veteran's Day. We thought they may like a little Kiddie Happy Hour. So at 2, stop by the store and your child (or children) can make a super cute card to send Santa. It's that time. With only 46 days left until the old guy with the white beard comes, our kids need to get those letters written. I know my son has been going through the Toys R Us toy book, the Target toy book and the WalMart toy book. So, he's got lots of ideas to send to Santa.

So, for just $2, your kids can come in and make a cute little card - all ready for you to drop in an envelope and send off to the North Pole. We'll put it together and then you can help them write their letter. If your child is too small to write their letter themselves - this little card will be big enough for you to help them paste in pictures out of the toy books - and send it to Santa that way. How fun!! Sweet and Simple:

My letter:

I'll help the kids put their cards together and you can browse the store for a little while - so technically, that's another bonus. So, does that make it Three for Tuesday? :) BUT WAIT, there's more. Call within the next five minutes and we'll double the order - OK, JUST KIDDING!! But there is one more thing. I'm including some info for the parents out there, or grandparents - info from the USPS about mailing letters to Santa and info about Macy's Believe Campaign that involves a drop off for your letters to Santa and helping the Make A Wish Foundation at the same time. You can check out the Scrap Etc. Forum for more info!!

I hope to see you there!!

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