Saturday, November 22, 2008

Monday's Happy Hour

Come join us at 11 and you can put together these two cute layouts. One for Thanksgiving and one for Christmas. Quantities are limited, so try to make it by!! $4.00 a layout and we start at 11:00!

Hope we see you there!! These two layouts will wrap up our November month of layouts. We don't have a Happy Hour scheduled for this next Saturday since it's a big football day but I'll be back soon to post the schedule for December and show you a few peaks at the fun things we have planned. Here are a few things we're thinking about: gift card holders, tags for presents, signs welcoming Santa, and some fun things with felt, too!! You don't want to miss out of these fun items that will make your Christmas gift giving even easier. I mean why buy a crazy gift card holder that costs 3 or 4 dollars and looks just like everyone else's if you could make one by hand. And what about cute teacher gifts? And fun things to just have on hand for those people we sometimes forget to get a gift for? You won't be disappointed!! Come See Us!!

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