Monday, October 20, 2008

Check out the new look..........

Guess what happened at Scrap Etc. today? Lucy just mentioned moving the Creative Cafe stuff to the front of the store and look what happened:

In the blink of an eye the cuteness that is Creative Cafe just appeared in the front of the store. Honestly, it took longer than the blink of an eye - but that Brittney is so smart - it happened a lot quicker than one would think!! Anyway - check it out - looks good huh?

Wednesday we are having a little do-over Happy Hour. We had lots of these left:

The cute little owl treat box is one of my favorite Happy Hours and since it's getting closer to Halloween we thought we'd just do it again. You know, in case you missed it the first time. So come see Amy Wednesday and make this super cute treat box. And if you want - I may be able to swing a few ghosts, too - maybe - if you leave me a comment here and tell me you're coming and you want the ghost instead of the owl. I can make it happen!! But you have to leave me a comment!! :)

Okay - another Happy Hour is coming Saturday.

OH OH OH - I forgot the best part. Wednesday and Saturday, if you do the Happy Hour Amy and Nubia are hosting - you'll get a Gift With Purchase. You don't have to spend $21.50. You won't have to find somewhere to stash those free samples you get with those other free gifts. You won't have to have some sales person try to talk you into buying the newest product. Well, who are we kidding? You'll be in the store buying product!! :)

So, come see us Wednesday and Saturday. Make something cute. Get a free gift. And check out the new hot spot in the store - the NEW Creative Cafe Art Bar location.

See you there,


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Virginia said...

That looks GREAT! I can't wait to see it in person!